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How to Choose a Quality Riding Program

By Marina Genn and Amy Blevins

“My daughter was shy and unsure of herself. Now, she’s enthusiastic and willing to try new things. She’s having fun and is proud of her accomplishments. I was looking for something to help Annie achieve her personal best and teach her a lifelong sport. I’ve found it – riding!”

Your child has dreamt for years of galloping across the green, grassy fields atop her very own horse.  Time and again she has asked you for riding lessons, and makes you stop the car on every rural road where horses can be seen in the pastures.

Ok, so you’ve gotten the hint that your child loves horses and you’re ready to give her a shot at riding lessons.  But how do you pick the right program?

With many riding programs available, it’s best to look closely at the fundamentals:  program philosophy, quality instruction, and a safe environment.

According to world renowned rider and instructor Marina Genn, you should look for a program that …More

Riding with Marina Genn

Building the Brain to Body Connection

This is an abstract of an article written by Jeanne McKnight in the June 2004 issue of Flying Changes.

International competitor-trainer-clinician, Marina Genn “packed the house” for a three-day clinic at Trilogy Farm and Training in Monroe, Washington, … As 30 auditors and 14 riders per day rode, listened, and learned …the principles of good riding and “quality equine husbandry” shone through…

Clinic organizer Cheri Ellstrom, who organized the first Seattle-area Marina Genn clinic in November 2003 … said the growing interest in, and enthusiasm for, Marina’s teachings was evident in the tripling of the size of the auditors at the  recent clinic – held April 30 through May 2 – and the long waiting list of riders seeking to participate in the next regional clinic.

“Our purpose in bringing Marina to the Pacific Northwest is simple,” Ellstrom said. “We want to make available to the Northwest riders – and their horses – ongoing, international caliber, world-class training and quality instruction relating to all areas of equine husbandry.”

Genn concurs, … “Our focus is helping our riders make the brain-body connection, …Fundamental to riding with Marina Genn is the quickly understood fact that the rider’s position is of vital, functional importance. “Establishing a solid position in the rider,” Genn emphasizes over and over during the three-day clinic, “will allow students to control themselves first. This in turn, enables the student to correctly influence the horse and achieve the ultimate goal: to improve the horse.”

This is an abstract of an article written by Jeanne McKnight in the June 2004 issue of Flying Changes. To read the full article   Click Here